Automatic Car Wash

Automatic Car Wash

Cranbrook Car Wash’s automatic bay will jet-spray your car with two Blendco Systems soap coats between rinses.

Automatic Car Wash

For $15 on card or cash (change provided), Cranbrook Car Wash’s automatic bay will jet-spray your car with two Blendco Systems soap coats between rinses. The first coat targets organic material such as insects and bird or bat droppings, while the second targets organic material such as oil and grease. The automated cycle also includes an underbody wash, which is important for our North Queensland lifestyle. Why? Boating is a favourite pastime and cars that have backed down boat ramps pick up salt water and disperse it over our roads. When it rains the salt floats to the top and gets caught underneath passing cars. The underbelly wash will remove any salt water grime that, if left unchecked, can cause corrosion. The Blendco Systems soap cleanses and underbody wash are followed by a tri-colour conditioning wax, UV-protectant clear coat and spot-free rinse so you’re ready to drive away.

Depending on the size of your car, the automatic car wash process only takes 4.5 to 5.5 minutes to complete. The car wash bay is quite roomy but we understand that some customers may be a little claustrophobic. If for any reason you’d prefer a staff member to drive your car through the automatic wash you’ll find we’re only too happy to help.

Every use of the automatic car wash will earn you a signature on your Cranbrook Car Wash Rewards Card. When you get 10 signatures, Cranbrook Car Wash will give you a $25 fuel card for your loyalty.


Self Service Car Wash

Cranbrook Car Wash’s manual bays offer full do-it-yourself wash options.

DIY Dog Wash

Smelly, dirty dogs – why chase them around with a garden hose or try and clean them in the bathtub, where they’ll only flick water all over the floor?

Car Care Service

Isn’t cleaning your car so much more fun when someone else does it?! At Cranbrook Car Wash, we hand wash and vacuum your car for you.

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